Selene Vance


I’m Selene.

In my early 20s, I had a powerful urge to change the world. I studied social movements and dreamt of a conscious egalitarian society, where we all had the freedom to be our unique selves. Little did I know, I’d be creating a little online version of that dream all these years later!

Before Awakening Family, I spent several years writing and blogging as “Sunshel”. From food, to yoga, to parenting, to spirituality, I shared my own personal evolution with anybody who cared to listen.

After all these years of sharing my own stories and ideas, I felt inspired to grow a community. My vision for Awakening Family is to have a hub where conscious parents can come for information, inspiration, resources and connection. In addition to parenting concepts, I also love focusing on the personal and spiritual growth of the parent. I believe that these two elements truly go hand-in-hand in creating a better world.

Find me on Instagram @sunshel


Archer Vance


Archer and Selene are raising two beautiful children together. He is a major contributor to Awakening Family and will be writing his own bio soon. ;-)