Pregnancy & Birth Resources



Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering (Sarah Buckley)

Unhindered Childbirth (Sarah Haydock)

Spiritual Midwifery (Ina May Gaskin)

Birth Without Violence (Frederick Leboyer)

Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful (Gurmukh)

Magical Beginnings, Enchanted Lives (Deepak Chopra)

The Secret Life of the Unborn Child (Thomas Verny)

*Postpartum : The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother (Heng Ou)


Matrix Birth Reimprinting

For all mothers or mothers-to-be, I highly recommend at least one session with a Matrix Birth Reimprinting practitioner. MBR is a powerful healing modality that I used during my second pregnancy to clear trauma from my own birth and Elan's birth. You can rewrite those experiences, connect with your baby and visualize your upcoming birth. (My actual birth ended up being very similar to what I experienced during my Matrix Birth Reimprinting session!)

Read more in the book: Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life (Sharon King)

Practitioner recommendations: Sharon King or Wendy Ayotte