Our Mission

Our mission is to connect with conscious families from around the world and to cultivate a space for learning and awakening together.


Our Values

We are a community of heart-centered, value-driven people. Here are some of our core values:


Connection is at the root of this community. Connection with ourselves, our partners, our children, our community and beyond.

We raise our children with love and connection, not coercion. Some call this “gentle parenting”, “peaceful parenting”, “natural parenting”, “attachment parenting” or our personal favorite — “conscious parenting”.


Awakening Family is built by you, for you. We welcome contributions and ideas from our community, and we love celebrating the magic that each and every one of us brings to this world. There is no single “expert” or “authority”. We are just a group of people who are eager to learn from each other.


We are awakening.

We are expanding and growing more conscious each and every day, and this is reflected in our lifestyle choices, our language, our relationships and more. We value open minds, open conversations and exploring new perspectives.

Most importantly, we know that our inner world shapes our outer world, and that “child development depends on adult development”, so we go beyond parenting strategies and prioritize our personal and spiritual growth as parents.