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Conscious Motherhood is becoming a membership community!

I launched my first online course in December and after spending several weeks with 21 amazing mothers, I learned a lot. Here are a few realizations from the course that led me to change it to a membership community:

  1. The community itself was so valuable. I believe in the power of story, and I was able to witness people sharing their personal experiences and learning from one another in the process. The people were my favorite part of the course, and I feel called to build and nurture this space for growth and connection.

  2. We’re in this for the long-haul. Personal growth and parenting aren’t something you learn and implement overnight. I originally created Conscious Motherhood as an online course, and quickly realized that this could be so much more powerful if we all had ongoing support. As a membership (instead of a course), this kind of transformation and support becomes more accessible and affordable.

  3. We are all “teachers”, as well as students. As I was teaching, I realized that I was also learning and growing by leaps and bounds. I envision a community where we dissolve hierarchy and instead, bring in many different “teachers” and “experts”. Here, I’ll share my wisdom, you’ll share yours, and we’ll also invite others to come into our space and teach us. Awakening Family is one family of conscious parents evolving together.


Our Vision for Awakening Family

This community will be a space where parents gather to learn, connect and evolve. We will release the story that “parenting is hard” and embrace a new story of parenthood as a catalyst for transformation. We are currently envisioning the following:

  • A Monthly Theme. Themes will be chosen based on member feedback and will have to do with parenting, conscious living and personal growth.

  • 2 Masterclasses Each Month. One, focused on the mother and her experience // One, focused on the child and how we can support them. These will be taught by Selene and guest “experts” (some of which will be members of our own community!)

  • Monthly Q&A

  • A resource library, with organized resources on every topic we cover.

  • Subgroups. Smaller, more intimate groups for specific topics, led by different members of our community. For example: a book club, pregnancy & birth, fourth trimester support, health & nutrition, etc.

  • A public business directory, right here on This is for those of you with a business or offering of your own. When someone joins our community, they will automatically be granted a spot in our directory. This way, we can all support one another financially.

  • The ability to easily find members who live near you, so that you can connect with them offline.

  • Meetups and in-person events! Eeee, this one really excites me!


What You’ll Gain From This Membership

You can think of this membership like a course or program that is always developing — one that you have 24/7 access to. It’s a supportive group of like-minded parents who are also on a personal development journey, and who just want to be the best (& happiest) parents possible for our children. Here are some of the benefits of joining:

  • Connection: No more parenting in isolation. This group is designed with community in mind, and we will be building strong connections with each other from day one. We’ll also have a feature that allows you to find friends in your area and organize your own meet-ups.

  • Accountability: Sometimes we learn a new parenting or personal development concept and forget to actually implement it in our lives. Or, it’s too challenging and we give up after a few tries. By having access to our community resources and conversation every day, you can truly move from idea to action.

  • Support: We are all cheering each other on, here! You don’t have to go through this alone. In this community, you’ll have a group of people supporting, encouraging and celebrating you. You’ll also have knowledgeable and experienced guides who can give you access to resources and perspectives that could dramatically improve your life as a mother.

  • Education: Life-changing conversations and Masterclasses! We are all “awakening” and learning every day — especially here in our community. I (Selene) will be curating some of the most inspiring, paradigm-shifting content for you.

  • Organization & Resources: You’ll have access to resources organized in one place. Whether it’s sleep issues, spirituality, toddlerhood, emotional balance, etc — you’ll find it in our growing resource library. We’ll have articles, tips, books, videos and podcasts for you to explore.

  • Deeper Meaning: When you join our community, you’re joining a movement to create a new story of parenthood and to “be the change” that ripples out into the collective. Together, we’re healing ourselves and our relationships — and raising the next generation of heart-centered humans.

Today, you are invited to help me build this community by joining as a founding member.

The plan: You’ll receive two years of membership for the price of one, in exchange for your feedback over the next two months!

I’ve set a target date for opening the membership to the public — around July 20th. Between now and then, I will communicate with you on a weekly basis, asking for your input and offering updates and behind the scenes looks into the implementation. 
Remember, this is not complete and will not be fully available until mid-July. In the meantime, our founding members will be helping me make this membership a life-changing experience for everyone who joins.


Many of the mothers from the original Conscious Motherhood course are already on board and we’d love for you to join us!

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Membership for two years (for the price of one!).

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If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or send me a DM on Instagram!