How We Manifested Our Dream Apartment

How We Manifested Our Dream Apartment


Before we moved from Asheville to Austin, we were really confident that we’d easily manifest our dream apartment. We had already experienced some pretty amazing manifestations and our trust muscle was strong.

But that trust was put to the test almost immediately after arriving here.

Honestly, our first few weeks were rough.

We were staying at my Mom’s house, spending nearly all of our time looking for somewhere to live. We had our manifestation list written down and I knew our perfect home was out there waiting for us, but I grew more impatient (desperate) with every day that passed. I couldn’t just sit back and let the Universe handle it, like I had originally planned. No. Instead, I was on my phone 24/7, calling apartments and refreshing pages and arranging appointments — all with no success.

It would go like this: We’d find an *okay* apartment, but then something would go wrong. It would be out of our price range, or they wouldn’t accept our proof of income, or the dates weren’t ideal, or the unit had carpet (bleh!). One time, we had actually decided on one, and when it came time to fill out the application, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. That hesitation told me to let it go. Even though it was our only prospect and I desperately wanted out of my Mom’s house — I had to listen to my intuition.

So with each fail, we started over.

For two weeks, I felt like I was swimming against the current. So much *force*, so little *flow*. This put a lot of stress on our relationship, as well. We were arguing about money and desperately trying to come up with new plans.

Then something miraculous happened.

Ruby had just fallen asleep, so I slipped away to my laptop to do some more apartment searching. Right before I began, I sat still and firmly stated out loud, “Universe! Give us our apartment. I am ready.”

I opened up HotPads and started clicking different listings on the map.

Nothing, nothing, nothing.

For some reason, I then wandered off into an area of the city where I knew I didn’t want to live. It was there, in the most unlikely of places, that I found it. Just listed. Our perfect apartment.

I read the description and *knew* that this was The One.

When we talked with the landlord, he told us that it was the last 2 bedroom unit and that it would be ready for move-in THAT WEEKEND. Everything happened so quickly and easily, and I took that as further confirmation that this was the right place for us.

Here are some of the factors that made this such a miracle:

  • The apartment complex had just received their occupancy permit that week and the listing was only two days old when I found it. I laughed and imagined the Universe holding out on us for two weeks because it knew there was something special that wasn’t quite ready yet.

  • The apartment itself had everything we desired — and more. It was brand new (no mold!), had real wood floors, granite counters with the perfect amount of counter space, a great layout, and plenty of light. It was even built to be energy efficient, with valet compost and recycling pick-up, and no toxic pesticides used on the property. YES!

  • The unit number was divisible by 3! We had just watched this YouTube video about Nikola Tesla and the power of 3, 6, and 9. Apparently, he used to only book hotel rooms that were divisible by 3. So, we were half-jokingly (ok, seriously) set on finding an apartment whose number was divisible by 3.

  • It was under our budget. $200 under!

  • Not only did we love the apartment, but there was an added bonus: Community. The complex had other families with kids and the landlord even had a 4-year-old. This is the kind of scenario we had dreamed of!

  • We had actually driven by the complex a year ago. At the time, I thought they were condos for purchase. I remember seeing the sign, "Healthy Living Community" and wishing I had the money to buy one. Imagine my surprise when I found the listing a year later and realized that they're actually apartments. For rent! And under our budget!

  • The application process was relaxed and he approved our co-signer with ease. No roadblocks, like in the previous apartments.

In the beginning of this process, I could not logically understand how the Universe could possibly give us everything we wanted while staying under budget. It seemed impossible to me.

It wasn't our job to figure out the "how", though! Our job was to get clear about what we desired and then let the Universe figure out how to give that to us. It seemed impossible, but it happened.

Our Manifestation Process:

  1. Get very clear about your desired outcome. What does the house look like? What features does it have? And most importantly: What is the essence? What does it feel like to live there? Write all of this down on paper. (Write, not type!) In our case, we really talked it out and asked ourselves a lot of questions. We even got clear on our intentions for how we'd spend our time there: This year, we see ourselves growing an online business that enables us to have financial freedom. Our home had to support that vision. It had to have a second bedroom to use as an office, have ample counter space for creating healthy meals, and function so well that we wouldn't have to spend any energy dealing with things breaking left and right.

  2. Know that it is done. Know that your home is out there, waiting for you, and that you'll find it soon. If you feel worry or desperation, like I did, reaffirm this to yourself -- out loud and on paper -- every single day. Write a paragraph as your future self, so grateful to be living in your dream home. Write down your favorite affirmations. Read or listen to books on manifestation so that you're constantly telling your subconscious that this stuff works. Spend your time doing things that you love, to get your mind off of house hunting. Whatever helps you let go and trust. I know this step can be easier said than done and it often takes a few small "wins" to really trust the process.

  3. Wait for inspired action. What does inspired action look like? It could be a "random" urge to look on a website you don't usually use. It could be a strong desire to drive around in a particular neighborhood that afternoon. It could be a perfectly timed message from a friend, recommending something related to your home search. It is unique to each and every one of us and you'll know it when you see/feel/hear it.

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