5 Homeopathic Remedies To Keep In Your Diaper Bag

5 Homeopathic Remedies To Keep In Your Diaper Bag


These are great remedies to keep in your diaper bag or backpack. We like to get the Boiron tubes and just wrap them in a rubber band. Simple! [If you’re new to homeopathy, start here.]


This is the remedy to keep handy at all times -- especially if you have kids! It reduces pain, swelling, bruising, bleeding, shock & recovery time for a variety of injuries. Anytime our kids have a pretty gnarly fall or injury, we give them a pillule and they calm down almost immediately.⁣

Use this for: Injuries, falls, bruises, concussions, sprains and strains.⁣


Keyword: nerve pain. Great for injuries to nerve-rich areas, like our fingers, toes & spinal chord.⁣

Use this for: Injuries to fingers or toes (ex. slamming in a door), tailbone or spinal chord injury, very painful wounds, an animal bite.⁣


Our go-to remedy for bug bites or stings, especially if the area is red, hot and itchy. There are a few other remedies that could be a better fit depending on the person's symptoms, but we generally give Apis while we're out and then re-evaluate later if the symptoms don't improve. (When we're home and have access to our big remedy kit!)⁣

Use this for: Wasp & bee stings, mosquito bites, ant bites, etc.⁣


Keywords: fear & shock. Aconite is such a blessing to have in this fast-paced, high-stress world. It’s helpful for many physical ailments, but we keep it in our diaper bag because of how well it works for easing intense emotions.⁣

Use this for: Anytime your child is experiencing fear, shock, anxiety, grief or a sense of impending doom. For example, before a dentist appointment!⁣

Calendula (Topical Cream)⁣

Oh, Calendula! Most of our parents used Neosporin when we were growing up, but nowadays Calendula cream is my medicine of choice. Called "the great homeopathic antiseptic", Calendula is the first thing I would apply to any painful, open wound -- cuts, scrapes, broken skin. It prevents infection and speeds up healing. If the wound is particularly intense, you can follow with an internal dose of Calendula 30c when you get home.

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